Chia anime TV Apk

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Chia anime TV Apk

About App:

Chia anime TV Apk is becoming more and more popular all around the world with anime itself becoming extremely watched too. This application is focusing on anime of all sorts, and as we know it there are thousands of anime series featuring anime of all types and styles for the fans.


If you were looking for an app that can also be used on your desktop and help you get access to your favorite anime series, then look no further because Chia anime TV Apk is currently the best app to help anime fans get their daily dose of anime.


The page is easy offering users to browse among anime, manga, music, movies and also offers the chance to watch Asian drama series. Chia TV was originally built to be used on desktop however its recent mobile app would help users to watch anime from their mobile device too. On the top of the page, visitors can also choose from the list of featured anime, which include the most popular series.


  • It’s nice there is a dedicated app for the fans of manga where you can check legendary series such as Sailormoon which has become worldwide popular in the past 10 years.
  • If you are looking for anime music you can choose the soundtrack section to do that.
  • We cannot know to what pages the app would connect you therefore we would suggest you not to use it without a good antivirus program on your phone.


The number of anime is extensively huge which means that it would take a great deal of battery power and active internet connection to use your phone to watch anime.