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Chromecast Apk Fileplanet

About App:

Chromecast Apk Fileplanet is part of the Google Home application collection provided also by Fileplanet. Google Home has been meticulously planned to become a sort of a home helper when it comes to remote control of certain functionalities that would go from alarm systems, to turning the lights off or on.


Google home is a complex collection of functionalities provided by Google and run under the collective name of Chromecast. Users can manage all devices which can be connected with Google’s remote control system. This can range from TV to lights or cameras. At this point, there are already 5000 devices which can be connected with Chromecast.


Turning things off and on even when you are not at home can serve as a great deal when it comes to prevention of robberies for instance. Chromecast Apk Fileplanet with Google Home can also be handy if someone is too busy to do something or look for something so it can check out your device memory, dial phone numbers for you or find addresses for you among many other services.


  • With time, Google Home can really become a helpful app especially when it comes to extra services as remotely turning the heating or air conditioning on or off.
  • App has stalling issues, it needs a non-stop, impeccable connection to work.


  • As Chromecast is US based most of the devices which work with it or compatible with it are also US bound.
  • This means that this service has limited availability for those residing outside the US.