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Features of Clash Royale

  • Clash Royale is a mobile game developed for android as well as iOS platforms. It is a free game available for download from Google Play Store as well as App Store. While downloading the game from Play Store, make sure that you are using the latest version.
  • The minimum device requirement for installing and playing Clash Royale is Android 4. The game has released a few updates after its launch. And the latest version you would found is 1.5.0. Some users have faced issues after upgrading the game to the latest version. However, this has been related to the changes introduced in Google Play. So upgrading Google Play version can fix this issue.


  • The game incorporates several features in order to satisfy different categories of game lovers. It has moves similar to card games as well as strategies for defending one’s own kingdom and the king’s Tower. For gamers who need lots of wild excitement Clash Royale is a perfect pick. In its every level, you would find yourself battling with an enemy. Apart from earning gold and gems it also requires the player to defeat the opponent for making steady progress. So, if you are confused about the nature of the game, then I can assure that it is a game suitable for every type of gamer. It also has stages where the player stumbles onto unexpected valuables like magic chest and treasures that enhance the life of the player.
  • The game is totally free but the developer Supercell had definitely commercialized the game by adding options to purchase collectibles, gold and gems for speeding the progress. The player has to make online payment while purchasing such assets. Critics have stated that such frequent option to excel on the basis of monetary purchase is a discouragement to pure gamers who believe in talent. However, it is up to the player to use the option or to skip it.

Popular game developer Supercell has come up with several games in the year 2016 and Clash Royale is undoubtedly one of the most popular one among these. Its challenging gameplay keeps the players engaged for days and even weeks. Set against a colorful backdrop of a Royal era ruled by kings and kinsmen, the game is bound to entertain game lovers of all genres and age group.

The game was launched worldwide on March 2nd of 2016. However, Supercell had already gone live with the game for selected countries since Jan 4th of the same year. Initially, it was released for iOS Platform and then in the month of February came the android version. The global release was made through both the platforms.

Clash Royale is a multiplayer game; you would need to name yourself when you begin with your first level. You get one option to change your name when you reach level 4. You can check the option from the game settings. However, after that level you cannot change your profile name. So make sure that you select a suitable name for your player profile because whatever name you select, it will be visible for your co-players whenever you are online. Once you are past the 4th level of the game if you ever felt like changing the name of your profile, then you need to write a mail to the support staff of the game. You can do that by visiting the Help and Support section of the Game menu.


  • Clash Royale is a multiplayer game where the players make progress level by level. The maximum level is 13.
  • The gameplay is divided into different arenas. There are 10 arenas across the game. As a player successfully conquers an arena he is awarded with a trophy.
  • As a player you need to fight with the opponent player for protecting your towers as well as to win over the opponent’s towers. Trophies are awarded depending on the number of battles you win.
  • When you begin the game you get to select 4 cards out of 8 from a deck. The value of the cards adds to the player’s attacking and defending power.
  • There is a card shop feature in the game that allows players to get some help by paying actual money. By paying certain money you can shop for gems and gold in the game. You can exchange these gems and gold and get new cards and chests filled with valuables from the card shop.
  • As a player you can form a clan by adding it to another player. Within the clan you can engage in battles just to test your skills. Such battles between friends would not affect your actual scores.