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Cover fire is a game developed by Genera games. It is a rail shooter with 3D touch mechanic It is available on both iOS and android platforms. The graphics are well done making it one of the best rail shooters in the market.


The controls are the games important aspects. If you do not ha e a device with 3D touch, you just have to drag the cross hair into position to aim and then hit the fire button. The game makes the land based mission is too easy especially in the normal mode especially for experienced games. If you are going for more challenge, you can go for the hard mode. There is also the cross fire which allows you to get deep into the story.

Cover fire has challenging vehicle based missions. You will encounter a challenge when shooing grenades mid air. One grenade will not kill you but when they accumulate they will add up very fast and destroy you. Cover fire is a free game t play but there are in app purchases. The game has a generous reward system. You will get rewarded up to for cards when you successfully complete a mission. The reward chests are renewed hourly and daily.


In the game, you will be leading the brigade of heroes to war. You will be fighting against Tetracorp Corporation. You have to come up with a strategy to kill all the enemies. The games give you the ability to upgrade abilities and skills of your members. You will be able to unlock characters as you continue playing the game. The game has simple controls. The game has an amazing storyline and you should give it a try. You will be amazed to see just how fun and amazing the cover fire game is once you start playing it

  • Modern control
  • Tournament mode
  • HD graphics
  • Skill upgrade
  • Challenging
  • Huge weapon arsenal
  • Unlock characters
  • Limitless shooter action


  • Fantastic graphics
  • Super intuitive controls
  • Simple controls
  • Amazing graphics
  • Amazing characters
  • Good camera movements
  • Amazing visual effects
  • Amazing story


  • Too easy for normal mode
  • Control is not yet perfect