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About app

Death dome is a free app that is developed by Griptonite games. The game is available on both ios and android devices.


In death dome, you will be in control of phoenix who is a mysterious monster bashing the monster who has a thirst for blood. You need to press the right and left arrows to dodge the directions and swipe to attack. The developers have put on points to help you in the game.

The gameplay is similar to infinity blade series however the story is different. You will be placed in a city where a virus has just turned people in to zombies. The virus is spreading very fast across the city. You have to fight against the behemoths. Death dome is a free game and has great gameplay. The game also has awesome graphics and sounds. If you love the infinity blade series, you will love death dome. The game is free and you should not miss any chance to download it on your smartphone.


You have to try and dodge the attacks of the beasts. You should block, dodge before you fight back. All by rubbing your fingers on the screen. You will be up against mutating goons. The goons have created a nasty virus which makes people them ugly. The game has fun combat it will be helpful when you learn about your enemies attack patterns it you can deflect the incoming blows. The game has a map screen with distinctive battle fields. You need to dispatch the level before you tackle on the boss at the end of the chapter.

Death dome is an action game that will keep you busy for a long time. The death dome is will consume plenty of the time when you continue playing. The game has a mission based structure that will ensure you get upgrades. With the upgrades, you will get weapons and shields that will help you in the win in each level.


  • Great graphics
  • Best sounds
  • Great gameplay


  • Crashes often
  • In app purchases feel forced
  • Long loading times