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Door kickers is a real time strategy game that has developed by Romanian indie Studio Killhouse games. To have the best experience when playing the game, you need to have a device of at least 5.7 inches screen size.


The game has a campaign mode but you will get access to it once you have send sometimes in the single mission mode. The game does not have a tutorial but you can go through the how to play glossary which you can access from the menu. The single mission mode is perfect for gaining experience on playing the game. Given that door kickers are a complicated game, having tutorial would be a good thing.

Door kickers has some refreshing mechanics. The game is a puzzle game. There will be shooting when the puzzle pieces fit together. Each attempt in the level is different, you need to take advantage of the strength of the SWAT unit. Door kickers allow players to customize the squad units. The game will require your complete attention.


The game has been developed by Killhouse games. The game is about cops kicking on doors. You will find out how fun to kick down the doors. It is finely detailed and well executes puzzle game. Every mission in the game begins with the deployment phase. In the deployment phase, you will can change shooters equipment and string positions. You have to make important decision as the mission become more complex.  After the deployment, the missions will begin but with time paused. Once you have learned the basic commands, you will continue to complete the 78 stand alone missions. The game supports Russian, German, French, English and Spanish.

If you are looking for an intense game, you will get that with door kickers. You have to make the best choices if you want to make it in the game. You will have fun completing the puzzles you have to move quickly.


  • Realistic but action packed
  • Top end perspective
  • Real time
  • 80 single missions, 6 campaigns
  • Unlimited gameplay
  • over 65 weapons and gear items


  • Refreshing gameplay experience
  • blend of action and puzzle