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GEAK Camera

The GEAK Camera provides the best features you can expect from an app and makes it easy for you to add real time filters. Let us see how you can download this app and install it on your Android device.

Download GEAK Camera from Google Play Store:

  • This is the best option and the easiest as well.
  • Access Google Play Store from your Android device.
  • Search for the GEAK Camera app in the apps section of Play Store.
  • It will show many apps in the category.
  • Scroll down till you find this particular app.
  • Click on the link to download GEAK Camera.
  • This app is really small in size and will be downloaded in no time.
  • You can now install it on your Android device and start using it anytime.9

Download GEAK Camera APK

To begin with, you must understand that Google Play Store is not the same in every country. It has many regions based restrictions and some apps are not available in some regions. In this regard, if you happen to find that this particular app is not available in Google Play Store, you need not worry as there are many other alternatives.

The simple method to download any app that is not available in Google Play Store is to download the APK file of the app and install it on your device. Once you successfully get the APK file and use it on your device, it works the same way as in case of downloading it from Google Play Store. However, the method to download is a little complicated in this case. Let us look into the steps in a detailed manner.

  • Search the Internet for APK file on GEAK Camera.
  • There are many popular portals that offer these kinds of files for Android devices.
  • Always make sure that you download these files from reliable websites.
  • Be aware that, in some cases, the files may contain malware that can harm your device.
  • You will also need to set the permission on your device to accept third party apps.
  • Go to the settings option on your device and set the required permission.
  • Once this is done, you are ready to download the APK file onto your device.
  • After downloading the APK file, open the file through the browser and begin the installation.
  • During installation, the device will display a warning message indicating that you are installing a third party app which can harm your device.
  • Ignore this for once and move ahead with the installation.
  • Once this is complete, your app is ready to be used on your device.

Risks involved with downloading APK files

You have to be aware that Google Play Store offers a secured environment for apps to be installed on your device. When you are downloading any app from this location, you can be rest assured that it does not contain any malware and other virus that can harm your device. On the other hand, when you download the APK files from third party websites, there is no guarantee that it does not contain harmful content. In some cases, some individuals put them intentionally to hack into your device. If you want to avoid all these issues, make sure that you download them from trusted websites. It is also advisable to go through the various comments and reviews posted for that download file. This will give you a fair idea about the originality of the app. If you find any negative comments indicating that the given APK file is not working or not valid, it is better to avoid that source and look out for another source.

10Amazing features of GEAK Camera

  • Excellent real time filters make this app a very useful tool for your Android device.
  • There are as many as 9 real time filters and you can choose the best one that suits your requirement.
  • There are three easy modes available which make it simple to use.
  • The Camera mode is ideal if you want to take photos and use filters.
  • There is also a video mode that lets you record videos with ease.
  • You can also take photos while you are recording a video using this app.
  • Another option is called the Square, which lets you share your pictures with your friends and family on social media portals.

Why you should choose GEAK Camera?

If you are looking for the best reason to download GEAK Camera on your Android device, it has got to be its size. This app is really light and it occupies very less space. It just needs about 2 MB of space on your device and it is the best alternative to other apps that require more than 100MB of space.

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