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Google Play Music

Downloading and installing Google Play Music

The Google Play Music app is offered for both Android as well as iOS devices. You will have to visit the Google Play Store on your Android devices to get access to the Google Play Music app and then download it on your device. The iOS device users will have to visit the iTunes Apple Store to get access to download and install the Google Play Music app on your device. The procedure to download and set up the app on Android and iOS devices is as follows.


  • Visit the Google Play Music app through your device and tap on the install option.
  • The app will automatically get downloaded on your device and finally will get installed.
  • Once the app is installed, you just need to locate it in the apps folder and click on the Google Play Music icon to open it.

About Google Play Music

If you are a music lover and love to listen to music on your phones and tablets, then Google Play Music is an app that you must download and store in your Android devices. This is a popular online music streaming service offered by the search engine giant Google. This online music locker app allows users to listen to up to 50,000 songs from their personal libraries by uploading it online. You will not be charged any money for listening to songs from your personal library through Google Play Music app. The Google Play Music service was launched on May 10, 2011 on invitation basis and was publicly launched on November 16. This service is currently on offer in 63 countries and can be used on both Android and iOS devices apart from web browsers and popular media players like Chromecast. You can use the online music locker facility to store as many as 50,000 songs online without any extra cost, and listen to them whenever you want to through the mobile app or the web player.

Using Google Play Music

If you are looking to use the Google Play Music app on your phone, you will need to first sign up for an account. If you have a Google account, then you can use the same username and password to sign into a Google Play Music app. You will need to verify from which country you are trying to access the service as it is not available across all countries. You need to flash your credit card details through the Google account to get access to using the Google Play Music service. Finding the music that you love is very easily done using Google Play Music. It is an ideal app to play, store and share the music that you love. If you subscribe to Google Play Music by paying a meager subscription, you have the option to listen to millions of songs without any ad breaks.

Features of Google Play Music

Google Play Music allows you to quickly start radio stations based on albums, singers, songs or music genres. You can browse any genre of music, mood, decade, activity, etc., to find the songs that you would like to listen. You can even add to your own collection of songs that you have in your personal library as your playlist on this app. You are allowed the option to add as many as 50,000 songs and listen to them on Android, iOS or web browsers for free. The other key features of the Google Play Music are as follows.

Streaming music

With a Google Play Music subscription, you can get access to over 30 million songs and that too without any ads. You have the option to skip songs that you do not want to hear and choose songs that interest you. There is also an option for you to listen to the music offline. Even if you are accessing the app without paying any subscription, you have the option to stream free radios of your choice and mood. The free subscription offers the option to skip as many as 6 songs an hour.


Accessing songs on various devices

After you have signed up for a Google Play Music account, you can listen to the streaming music on all kinds of devices like Android Wear, Android TV, Android Auto, Sonos, computer or mobile or Chromecast.

Add personal favorites

The app allows you to store as many as 50,000 songs for free. The music can be uploaded to the cloud through the Music Manager or through Google Play Music itself. The Music Manager can be used on Mac, Linux and PC.

Create radio stations

You have the option of creating radio stations in the available countries, according to your choice of genre, albums, artists or particular mood of songs. You also can create playlists depending on your choice on Google Play Music.