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Spotify Music

Steps to install Spotify app

  • Visit and on the home page you would find an option “Get Spotify Free”. Click on the option to download free version of Spotify for your phone.
  • You would get a prompt window asking you to select a browser through which you can download and install it. You have to choose a suitable browser that allows you to download faster.
  • You can also search for the app from Play Store but it may not be available for download in all the countries. However, it can be done anywhere if you are located within US. If you are located in a country where direct download option is not available then you have to make use of third party apps like Tunnel Bear to install Spotify on your Android phone. Such apps are known as VPNs and they can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store. Such apps allow you to install software that is not available for direct download at certain locations. In such case you have to download the “APK file” of Spotify and then install it by running the VPN app in the background. Then before opening Spotify, select the location as US in your VPN app. Now you can restart your Spotify and sign up with a new account.


  • You have the option of logging in through your Facebook ID too. This will save you the trouble of creating a new Spotify ID.
  • The latest version of Spotify is The size of the app is around 27 MB. The app has a minimum device requirement of Android 4.0.3 or higher.

Spotify is an amazing application that allows you to enjoy some of the choicest soundtracks across the world. You can find a free version of Spotify for your android or Apple phone and use it for listening to great music wherever you go. Spotify is a highly sophisticated digital platform that deals with all sorts of music albums, songs and soundtracks released worldwide. It is a software that can be used via multiple mediums like desktop, web player, Android, and iOS platform including iPad.

Basic features of Spotify

  • Once you download and install your Spotify app, it will ask you to sign up. You can either sign up directly or use your Facebook account. After you login you will be getting a colorful interface of popular soundtracks. Being a free user, you can only listen to songs and playlists when you are online. For enjoying songs on an offline mode or to download you need to be a premium member by getting a paid account.
  • On the home page you get the most useful tool that is “Search”. Using search you can find the song you want by searching with artist names or album name. If you do not remember the song name, you can still search using Genres or Moods. If you have a friend who is a Spotify user, you can access their playlist by searching for their profile name or username. You can also search for videos and podcasts, soundtracks of popular video games and recordings from musical events.


  • You have a “Browse “option which is very useful in finding the music of your dreams. You will come across soundtracks you have never heard before by browsing for most popular track in different locations or countries. You further have the option of going through popular Charts, New Releases, Genres and Concerts. For android phones follow the below steps to start with browsing.
  • Select the menu button
  • You will see a Browse option, so select “Browse”
  • Now you will be able to see a playlist artwork across your screen. Check out for the suggestions displayed. For better recommendations of your choice swipe through for a while.
  • You would also find options like Charts, Shows, New Releases, Genres and Moods, Concerts and Discover.

Browse is the most common feature used by its users.

  • Playlists

Playlist is yet another popular feature of Spotify that allows the user to make a collection of their all-time-favorites and then listen to them whenever needed. This is a basic feature you have on all music applications, but Spotify is way too advanced than you can guess. The highlight of the app is that it allows you to access the playlists of your friends and even popular celebrities like movie stars, pop stars, TV anchors, musicians and sports stars.

  • Listen offline with premium account

Spotify allows you to listen music for free whenever you are connected to the internet. But if you want the service even when you are offline, you need to go for a premium subscription. This would allow you to download and save the songs in your Spotify app.