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Dragon mania: Legends APK

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In the game, dragon mania legends, you will rebuild a kingdom of dragonlandia and breed dragons as well as fight neighbouring vikings. It has over hundred species of dragons and plenty missions to for you to tackle. There are plenty of missions and hundreds of dragon to discover.


The combat sequences are based on putting the dragons against the vikings. The game is suitable for low memory window phones and window devices. It is a fun way for you to pas time. Dragon mania legends game provides guidance as you play.

Dragon mania: Legends game will guide you as you play. There are characters that will show you the task that are involved in the game play. To help you with combat, you need to breed your dragons and create buildings in you city. The game has new tasks and missions that will be available when you play dragon mania legends. The new tasks have an exclamation mark that flashes beside the icon. The new missions are like building kingdom structures, battling vikings and breeding dragons.


Once you successfully complete a task you will get rewards with a variety of items which include gold, gems, and food. The new structures, and train your dragons and have food; all these activities will cost you some gold that you can earn by combat. There are items that will need gems that you earn in battle and accomplish tasks. There are in app purchase that you allow you to buy gold and gems. However, if you are patient enough you will get the gold in no time. The gameplay is casually paced.


  • Most of the tasks will need you to complete on time but you can use the gems to speed them up.
  • Dragon mania legend has two currencies, that is, gold and gems.
  • You can earn them by completing missions or get them from the in app purchases or complete tasks.
  • There are energy units which you need for the battle.


  • The energy units will replenish with time.
  • You can enjoy playing dragon mania and kill time when you are bored.