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About App

The latest version of this application runs APK Editor Pro with a stable version of 1.3.28 for Android. So, if you are using the application, you might want to upgrade it through the Play Store or through the APK stores. It is available at all major APK file hosting sites. The development is taken by APK Editor.  The latest version runs for a size of less than 6.8 MB. You have a free version to work with.


The APK file helps you to install the 1.3.28 version of this app. When installed, APK Editor is a powerful tool which allows a lot of pro options to the user. It allows you to edit, hack and do lots of other things to the APK file. For example, you can install an application using eliminating, permission removing etc that suits your privacy settings. Currently listed under the Free Tools category on the Play Store, it supports all platforms running Android 3.1+.


  • Removing, adding permissions to various smartphone elements like contacts, microphone, gallery etc
  • You will need professional skills to use this APK file and the app


There is a Pro version, which has a lot more features compared to the free version available.


Only fiddle with this application if you know about working with APK file writing and editing.


The best tips to work with this app is to learn to work with APK files, before working on this application.


  • You can use the SD card to install this APK file
  • Enable the permissions from unknown sources before trying to install