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It’s time to escape the titanic by joining over 3 thousand fans who have taken the game challenge. Be prepared, there are no guidelines, it’s only you and your instincts because you experience the ultimate test of speed, cunning and wits in this terrific adventure puzzler. No 2 scenes are same, so get ready for anything because you pursuit to escape the most legendary ocean liner of the world. Put your mobile through its pace because you swipe, tap, twist and pinch your way through resourceful room-puzzle challenges. Escape the Titanic app is available to try for free. You can easily enjoy the 1st episode for free, however if you want to play the complete edition, you will need to play the one-time fee.


Escape the titanic is considered as one of the best escape games for Android and IOS. From quiz and puzzle to the storyline, everything is just amazing in this game and all works great. There are around fifty mini games and different puzzles in around 35 levels. Another best thing about this game is its sound effect and graphics. It’s really very good and you can have fun time while playing this wonderful game.

Because of the good base of the story, it will tell you the beginning and end of the game. Escape the Titanic is fun game however, it also remind you and tell you the tale regarding Titanic. This exciting app is a puzzle game in which you will find 50 puzzles to solve. The game happen on the ruined ship, where you aim is to discover the way to escape. For doing this, you will have to solve some puzzles, like opening locked entrances, repairing damaged stuff, and getting through various portions of the ship. This amazing game is diverse, but the sad thing is that, this game is very short.


  • Hidden objects help you to escape
  • Hard levels with incorporated hint system
  • 50 witty puzzles; no two are same


  • Hidden objects are there in each level to help the players
  • Good assortment of puzzles


  • Clues have to be purchased
  • Very short