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F-Sim Space Shuttle APK

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F-Sim Space Shuttle is a flight simulation game that is offered by Ledinsky Software. The most current version of the F-Sim Space Shuttle APK file varies from device to device. The file size and required Android version also differ from device to device. The game is rated E for Everyone to play the game. This simulation game is highly popular. It was last updated on January 28, 2014. This app can be found at the Google Play store. It is entirely free to download. In-app purchases are not offered. A few permissions are needed to be able to enjoy this gaming app.


Have you ever wanted to know exactly what it is like to be the one who flies the space shuttle? If you ever wanted to be the one who lands a space shuttle, this is the right simulation game for you. It is critically acclaimed as one of the most accurate flight simulation games of all time. Truly realistic flight dynamics went into the creation of this game. Add in the impressive 3D graphics and players will feel like they are piloting a spacecraft down into the Earth’s atmosphere. This is not a simulation game where you automatically land the shuttle every time. It takes practice and patience to safely land. Players are provided with detailed flight information so they can make the best decisions on how to land their shuttle.


  • Control the pitch and axis by tilting the device you are using to play.
  • Analog sticks that are on screen are also offered as a control option.
  • Beginners have triangles that help them successfully land their first mission.
  • Advanced players can rely on a HUD screen when landing.
  • Players can unlock achievements and compare their score to other players on the leaderboards.


  • Great graphics
  • Easy to use controls
  • Achievements can be unlocked.
  • Players can experiment with things like weather conditions and emergency scenarios.
  • The gameplay is endless and fun.


  • The game is somewhat hard to get the hang of. The practice is required.