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Facebook Messenger APK

About app

Facebook Messenger Apk is a very useful multi-feature application, in which you can easily share videos, images and make voice and video calls. Also, you can add your friends manually and text them. While talking to many friends, various bubbles just become visible on your device. Also, you can choose anyone of them and chat with them. Though, FB messenger is an official application and it enables you to have conversation with them. If you enable messenger application to look through your contacts, then it will show the list of all your mobile contacts to the application. It implies that you can talk to your Facebook friends and your mobile contacts.


Facebook Messenger Apk is one of the free and cool applications. It is a chat application with huge database that can enable users to chat with the other people secretly, in groups or, face-to-face. At the same time, it can be employed as a chat application, for making outgoing or incoming video and audio calls, and sending sms. This alleged application is said to be intimidating to capture the traditional mediated communication methods, like phone calls and SMS.


  • Use emojis, send GIFs and add stickers for expressing your feelings.
  • Leave exchanging contact numbers, simply send a message.
  • Make plans for collecting polls, split the bills and share your locations.
  • Click the moment with your FB Messenger Camera, include a doodle or filter, then send to your family or friends.
  • Hang out anytime and anywhere by getting on group video or call.
  • You can also receive and send money to your friends in this application by adding PayPal account or debit card.
  • Tell friends about your location and advise a meeting place by sharing location.
  • Climb leaderboards and challenge your friends and find out your upcoming gaming obsession
  • You wont be requires to open numerous applications to keep in touch. Use one application for Messenger and SMS.


  • Fun app
  • It is a free application.
  • Your privacy is secure.


  • There are several insignificant extra built-in apps