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Fate Grand Order Jp APK

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The game has been developed by Delight works. Fate grand order is a mobile game that role player game where you have to collect heroic spirits of legend and fight in order o protect history from problems. The game has been set in the fate night universe. You can summon servants such as Jeanne D’arc, Emiya, Pendaragon and Gilgamesh.


It is free to play and you have become the master who controls up to six servants. The servants take part in the story line which involves traveling through time and trying to solve anomalies. The servants are figures of history and each of them has their abilities, class and stats. There is a counter system that will enable you plan your class to its full potential. You can show you potential to your friends and even have a friend’s leader servant to join you in the battle.

In Fate Grand Order Jp Apk, you will summon the spirits from history and legend. You can level up their power to unleash the noble phantasms. The game allows you to ascend heroes to the next level. The heroes will gain more skills and change in appearance.  You have to collect the powerful mystic codes which will enable your servants to have special effects. There is an opportunity to participate in events which occur in the storyline.


Fate Grand Order Jp Apk can is for both android and ios users. The game emphasizes on plot development and storyline. However, the game is only available in Japanese. You create five servants with two of them being in the main combat team. In combat, you can select five random command cards.

There are three kinds of attacks; arts, quick and buster. In buster, you do aggressive attacks which will do a lot of damage. The quick attacks weaker but increases your chances of hitting in the next turn. The arts attack is just like a normal attack.  When your servant’s noble phantasm reaches 100%, they can have powerful attacks with increased effects.

  • Summon heroic spirits
  • ascend your servants
  • Collect craft essences
  • Frequent events
  • Strategic card battle system


  • Top notch production value
  • Beautiful anime sprite graphics
  • Huge variety of heroes


  • Synchronous multiplayer