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Fight of the legends APK

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Fight of the legends is a game that has been developed by Virtualinfocom. The fight of the legends is listed under action category you will take part in martial arts tournament. The tournaments will determination the faith of the world.


You will be fighting strong enemies and win the battles. It is your opportunity to join the legendary heroes fighting in between light and darkness. You will choose a character your favorite and lea the character to victory. The characters have strengths, special fighting and weaknesses. There are also individual weapons. You can increase the characters stats. There are various equipment to buy in the game.

Fight of the legends is an epic fighting game that has been set in an age of legend. It is a fighting game where your task is to restore peace o the world. It is graphically amazing.One you train to new height you can go to war.

You will get the best graphics on your mobile device with this game. It is your chance to summon the great warriors. You can choose to manage, upgrade and chose the heroes and other warriors. Also discover the unique bonds that your fighters have in order to unlock the powerful bonuses. You can level up and increase your powers, or upgrade your characters. The app requires android version of 2.3.2 and above.


It is one of the best fighting games. If you love fighting action game, the fighter of the legends has plenty to offer. There are many fighting styles you can use. The game s free but contains in app purchases. If you can use fighting styles like boxing, martial arts, hand to hand battles, karate, sword fights.

The forces of light and darkness have been annihilated. The thunder lord and narakasre are the only ones remaining to represent them. The balance will remain. The game has a nice story line. You can download the game to have the best experience.


  • Cool music
  • Each character fights different fighting style
  • Store system to upgrade characters
  • Character progression
  • Great music


  • Different characters
  • Indian mythology