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About App

FireDL is an Android App which is specifically designed to enable users to download and also install zips, pictures, records, and data easily to an Android gadget. Basically, it’s a search engine through which you can both download and install documents, zip files, and apps to your Android device. With the FireDL app, you can download and install a file only by entering the URL of the file in question, press download and then download will start. All files are automatically saved to the Download Folder to enable easy access and retrieval. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and third-party app hosting websites.


Are you tired of the lengthy process involved in downloading Android apps? The FireDL app introduced by Aidymatic allows you to enjoy downloading and installing. The software of the FireDL APK is regarded as a costs link generator through which you can download and install at a premium customer without any limits. That is, there are no daily download limits to installing Android applications from the FireDL APK. The apps can also be installed freely at an amazing upload speed. With FireDL codes, you can add apps to your Ftesticks, Android box, etc.


  • Upgraded and user-appealing interface.
  • Simple and quick download and installation of games and apps.
  • Complete cost-free solution.
  • Excellent upload speed.
  • Conserve photos and data to your FireDL device.
  • Using FireDL, you can as well download cost applications.
  • The FireDL app is 100% risk-free, and countless individuals all around the world rely on it
  • With FireDL, you can download easily from Rapidgator with zero limitation.
  • It is constructed in Unzip.
  • Depending on your server, you can download and also install speed excels.


  • As apps can be installed through the 5-digit codes, entering the full HTML links is not needed neither is searching the web for updated application files.
  • FireDL eliminates the need to download APK files manually or to sideload the files to your device using third-party software or hardware.
  • The app is easy to use.


  • Getting the right codes can be a little tricky.