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The flappy bird is a free game available that is both fun and exciting. The game has been developed by dot gears. In the game, you have to control a bird that is trying to fly between green pipes without hitting them. It is only available as a single player mode. The game is available for both ios and android platforms.


Flappy bird game features a 2D retro style graphics. The objective is to drive the flying bird.  You will lose when you touch the pipes. Faby is the bird you have to direct. Faby flaps upward every time you tap the screen. In case you do not tap the screen, faby will fall down due to the gravity. You will not get an scores for no medal for any score that is less than ten. Bronze medals are given to players who score between ten and twenty. You need 20 points to get the silver medal. While the gold medal needs 30 points. There is also a platinum medals for players with 40 points or more.


Expect to die a lot of times when you play flappy bird. You die when you plow with your beak first into the mario esque pipes. You will die when you touch the top to bottom of the Mario esque pipes which you must play through in order to get to the highest points. However, there isone thing you have to keep doing to avoid losing many times. In order to avoid dying many times in the game, you need to tap on the screen to flap. Every time you pass through a pipe, you will get on point. when you pass through several pipes, you will get many points. In the game, you have to fly the bird between gaps to achieve the highest score possible. In every pip that you pass through, give you another point. It is that simple. The bird will shoot upwards with every flap but come down back quickly.


  • Stunning graphics
  • Simple to play
  • It is very addictive


  • Shallow
  • Breathtaking difficulty
  • It can be frustrating