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Escape games are an excellent way to pass time. One of the online game that is a favorite among many gamers, fleeing complex featuring the stick figure character. Be prepared to bet the puzzle. The game is available for free online. Fleeing the complex has a mix of action and suspense and puzzles and brainteasers. You have to solve the problem that the stick figure goes thorough as he tries to escape. All you need to solve the problem is just a single click.


The prison complex is located in a far off land. It is the home of some of the baddest and smartest criminals from all over the world. Henry is a new resident in the prison. You are trapped inside a prison cell and you must escape the whole prison. If you fail to escape you will die. The prison is highly guarded by strong soldiers. You have to make very fast decisions if you want to make it out alive. Gamers enjoy the game because it is easy to get involved with. You will also not pay any money to enjoy playing it. There are no in app purchases for you to get in order to proceed in the game. Fleeing the complex is available for both android and iOS devices. It is an entertaining game and is an excellent game if you tired of the difficult games.


Fleeing the complex game starts with the player, the stick figure, being put in prison. You have to choose your actions. If you choose the right action, you will be a step closer to your freedom. In case you are choosing the wrong action, you will end up dead. There are many possibilities and many ways in which the game can go. You can allow your cellmate to escape with you or you can also choose to ignore his please and continue to escape alone. The choices have different outcomes. Fleeing the complex game has interesting graphics. It is simple but entertaining. The game will test your wits and it is also funny and addictive. Fleeing the complex is a great time killer.


  • Five different endings
  • 60 unique fails
  • New map feature
  • Plethora of medals to hunt for


  • Good graphics
  • Easy to play