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Font Changer APK

About app

Smartphones allow you to do a lot of things with the technological developments that keep emerging day by day. The devices have some great fonts but it may not be enough especially if you are more interested about designs. With your android system, you can get to change your fonts. There are numerous font changer apps at your disposal. You just have to download the font and then apply it to your device. The apps have several fonts that are beautifully designed. You can get the fonts for free


The Font Changer Apk focuses on customization and installation of the fonts is easy.  If you want to give your android device a new look you can use the font changer to do so. With the wide variety of fonts you will be spoilt for choice. The fonts will transform your phone and make it look lovely.

If you are tired of using the same fonts your phone came with, and you want to spruce things up a bit, you can do so with a font changer. The font changer has keyboard symbols, cool emoji fonts maker, and new candy text styles. It also has an interface that is easy to navigate.


With Font Changer Apk, you will get text access to over 100 new fonts. It is a simple app which you can use to make the dull texts look fonts. You can also mix and match the font styles to have interesting effects. Once you have typed your messages, you can change the font style to any one you like using the app. The app is perfect for instant messaging. It is also suitable when you are chatting with other people on Facebook, email, Whatsapp, Email among others. The app is simple to use and the developer did a good job in presenting the content.


  • supportive support for using new fonts
  • Share cool fonts with other through Facebook and Whatsapp, email
  • Copy and stylize your text on the clipboard for easily paste to other apps
  • Mix and match your font styles to create truly interesting effects


  • Jazz up those dull texts and instant messaging with over 100 characters