Garageband Android APK

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Garageband Android APK

About app

Garage band require and android version of 4.0 and above and is for music enthusiast. The app has features like collection of smart instruments, loop and grooves. You will be creating a song from scratch using the garage app. You can also share the music that you have created with your friends or by other people who love music.


Garageband Android Apk enable you to record, share and write your quality music when you want. All it takes is just a few son your screen. The application has friendly user interface. You will learn how to see the app in just a few seconds. It is also easy and straight forward and you can create music after you have installed the app on your device.

You can go to a studio that fits in your pocket. The app gives you mobile recording studios that are within your reach you can record you music any time. You are guaranteed of quality sound from anywhere. You will become an independent music producer using the garage band application. The app has smart instruments which allow you to use the app for your song without buying any expensive instrument sin the market. You need use the application keyboard you can do the recording in multi take. The application has track controls buttons that allow you to use the recordings creation from the phone and record the music you want. The multi take recording features will enable you to remove any part and replace it with another one.


There are effect that you can use in the app to help you with the recording and vocals. Garageband Android Apk is friendly music software that enables you o record music easily. It is suitable for novices and even professionals. If you want to make some music, then the garage band application makes it very easy to do so.

  • Vast variety of instruments
  • Powerful mixing
  • flexibility


  • streamlined user interface
  • Easy to record and mix music
  • Enjoyable instrument lessons
  • Supports 24 bit recording and third party plug ins


  • No mixing console view