Geeta Rabari Video Download APK

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Geeta Rabari Video Download APK

About App

The Geeta Rabari’s Video is available in the latest version for 1.21.2 for Android. The APK file can be used to update and install your current app. It is developed by Free Entertainment APP and supports any Android version 4 and higher. The current version measures quite less and is lightweight compared to other video downloading apps. It is categorized into devotional video app and bhakti songs.


This APK is offered to enjoy a famous personality for songs and videos and DJ mixes. Geeta Rabari is very famous Gujarati singer and also called as “Katch Ni Koyal”. Among her accomplishments are the famous songs like Rona Ser Ma, Chogado Chel which has made Gujarati community quite proud. She also performs Gujarati Garba, Gujarati Lok Dayro LIVE and this app helps you to keep in touch with all these right from your smartphone.


The app is a simple to use interface to listen to her songs, Garba folklore music, videos and music albums released by her.


This is a video entertainment app that offers Geeta Rabari’s videos and DJ mixes for free of cost.


  • The watching of LIVE shows is not yet fully available
  • All the contents in the app are taken from other places and are just recommendations with links to sites where original are available


  • Use the app instead of many sites online and keep in touch with the latest updates
  • Search from the app for your favorite music and videos


Use the SD card to download the APK file and share it right from the smartphone with Bluetooth and email.