Green Farm 3 Mod APK

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Green Farm 3 Mod APK

About App

Now you can download the Green Farm 3 4.0.6 APK Mod from any major APK hosting site. You can play the game to collect unlimited free coins and cash right off the bat. The game involves inheriting an old manor from your uncle and then going on a great journey to restore its glory. The MOD sizes to less than 19 MB and includes many full features.


The current APK from Gameloft offers more than ever. There are new scenes, atmosphere, easier controls than before, a new rich storyline that keeps you engaged and all new characters to involve in your journey. You enjoy the joy of farming through this app and learn more. You can go on to complete many missions full of farming, harvesting, and crafting.

This is a farming adventure category game and is different from games like Arcade or casual Candy Crush types.


  • Go social and connect to your social media, invite friends and play together to farm more
  • This latest update has included a more improved UI that uses colorful atmosphere, more involved storyline that suits the same
  • You can get Unlimited Cash and Coins with this MOD without any hassle


  • The controls have been made easier and this improves gameplay and allows longer playing
  • There are new cool characters and more colorful environment


It is simple and easy, nothing too intensive.


  • The best way to play is by helping friends and play together
  • The official site offers compatibility with all latest smartphones and tablets running Android.


Install the game on SD card. Use the official version from the Gameloft website and run the same.