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Gt Recovery APK

About app

Nowadays, technology has make it easier to do a lot of things, one of them being retrieving misplace files on your android device. If you have lose your photos, contacts and SMS due to factory setting, you can easily retrieve them using the GT recovery software. The app has been developed by Hangzhou Kuaiyi Technology Company.


There are many reasons as to why you may lose your data, one of them being accidentally deleting them. One way to recover from such a loss is by using the Gt Recovery Apk. The main purpose of the app is to recover lost photos which have been hidden in the system. It does this by scanning through the entire storage of your android device. The app can recover lost contacts, photos, audio files and important documents. Gt Recovery Apk has the necessary functionality to perform the recovery operation. The app has a simplistic approach to data recovery.


Once you have installed the app, you can begin using it right away. The user interface will guide you on how to us it. There is a recovery photo icon that will begin the task of recovering the files at once. If you want to begin a new search for your lost files, you need to click on start new scan button. Once the scanning is complete, you can scroll down and choose the document you want to recover. You will choose the photo or document by tapping on it. You can also use the group selection if you want to recover multiple files. Once you have chosen the file you want, you need to press on the recover button.

  • Supports most volume formats including FAT, EXT3, MP3, EXT4, MP4
  • The app is suitable for use with rooted devices
  • Gives a preview of scanned results
  • Finds hidden files at very fast speeds


  • Manually choose the partition disk to save the recovered files
  • User interface is helpful tone users
  • Faster file retrieval method
  • Preview option
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient


  • Should have more options for preview
  • Lost data location may be interrupted with new data files
  • Requires rooting