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Gta Chinatown Wars APK

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Grand theft auto has graphical quality that lies between that of PSP and DS. The game has tutorial elements as well. The virtual controls in gta china town will require you to use the virtual controls for the character movement. There is a button for using any weapon that you have chosen. There is also another button for leaping over and kicking. A button will appear when you approach a car. You just have to touch the button to get in. The game has suspense by using the police chases. There is an analog stick for steering that you can configure in the game options. First timers will have a hard time trying to cope with the assist system. The system is responsible for keeping the car going straight down the road. There is a tutorial mission that will guide you through the game.


In Gta Chinatown Wars Apk, you will be playing as Huan Lee, who is the son of a murdered triad boss. You go to liberty city but you get in to grand drama. Complete the task that you have been assigned by your uncles. You will also meet other contacts who will need your services. There are missions that involve driving people around, killing people and stealing cars. There are many illegal activities that you have to accomplish.


Just like all the other gta series, once you have completed a short tutorial missions, you will spend time roaming the city and completing the missions. Stealing drugs will increase your net worth. Gta Chinatown Wars Apk is fully packed drug economy. You will meet other drug dealer as you drive along the city; they will be selling or buying drugs. The price for the drugs change depending on the turf you are in. China town wars has ambulances, standard taxi, firefighter and other driving games. There are also secret items to find. The mood in Liberty city changes with the clock in the game.


  • Has depth
  • Good soundtracks


  • Lacks a solid targeting system
  • Does not have a save system