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About App

Happy Wheels APK belongs to the arcade category of the app store. The game can be downloaded and installed on devices running Android 2.3.2 and above. You can download the app from third-party application hosting websites. Make sure you download the game only from reliable and trusted sites.

The Happy Wheels include the need to ride a bicycle, Segway or other cars via a sadistic obstacle course full of moving platforms, jumps, spinning spiked wheels, elevators and other death traps. In case you miss, you will die or get injured. If you hit a land mine, for example, your blood will be everywhere. You can choose which character you will use in playing like Business Gut, Wheelchair Guy, and Irresponsible Dad.


Happy Wheels is a physics-based, obstacle course and side-scrolling game with more than a billion plays online and you can download it on your mobile devices. You will play the role of a prepared racer and ignore serious consequences to become victorious. The first part of the game features Business Guy on a personal transporter.

The game is a bloody game which makes it not suitable for children. You will encounter dangerous obstacle courses where it involves bloody chunks, limbs will be torn off or can be blown into pieces. The characters are sometimes forced to keep going even when injured, dragging what is left on their legs.

Happy Wheels is a portable version of the traditional flash game with the same name. To complete the game, you need to reach the end of the levels, control different characters riding vehicles of all types, from bicycles to Segways.

Game Features

  • Create your levels in the editor.
  • Game Center leaderboard support.
  • Deadly obstacles like wrecking balls, spikes, harpoons, mines and a lot more.
  • Fifteen unique and challenging levels.


  • Players can create their level.
  • Although covered with blood, the game is fun and horrifying to others.
  • For those who love an intense game, this is a good game.
  • Different level and challenges.
  • Several types of vehicles to choose from.


  • Frequent banner ads are popping up.
  • Can be gruesome.