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Harry porter is available on ios and android. The game is free to play and has in app purchases. However, the game introduces its restriction early in the game even before players can see much of the game. The game has been developed by Warner bros and Jam City.


As a Hogwart student, you have to collect your books from blotts and Flourish as well as pick up your wand from Ollivanders before you board the train. Performing tasks in Hogwarts mystery will take a lot of your energy. In order to complete missions, you must have a certain number of stars. When you run out of energy, you can pay using in app purchases. To fill the energy bar, you must have 5 gems or you can buy the gems.

In  Harry Potter Apk, you are an aspiring witch or wizard who has been accepted to the Hogwarts school of witchraft. Your education into wizarding takes place before Ron, Harry and hermione came into the picture The early stages of the game takes you through the Harry Porter staples. You will chose a house and get a first wand at Ollivanders. The game has simple mechanics where you only have to tap to perform some actions.


You can also cast spells using specific patterns. Whether you are brushing up on your flying or learning a new charm there is nothing that will be hard for you to reflexes. Thus,  Harry Potter Apk is a game that anyone can play. You do not have to worry about the time limits since you will get generous amount of time to complete the objectives. Easily find tasks within the first hour which you can play for eight hours. You will run out of energy. There is plenty of dialogue in the game. You have to complete story quests in each chapter. There are also side quests that you must complete. You have


  • Simple mechanics
  • Terrific premise
  • Tremendous production values
  • Simple gameplay


  • Can be a bit slow
  • Restrictive energy system appears early
  • Repetitive
  • Limited voice acting
  • Generic sound track
  • Heavy micro transactions
  • Story not engaging