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Headspace Pro APK is a health and fitness app that is offered by Headspace Inc. It is rated E for Everyone and has in-app purchases available. The Headspace Pro APK file size is 31 MB. The most recent version of the Headspace Pro APK file is 3.20.1. Headspace Pro can be found on Google Play. Android 4.4 and up is required for this app to function correctly. Specific permissions are required for users to enjoy everything that this unique app has to offer. It was last updated on April 27, 2019.


The Headspace Pro APK is an app that is supposed to help you get the best mental and fitness wellness that you can achieve. The app is packed with great features that help you achieve your wellness goals. Users can expect better focus, improved breathing, increased calmness, and many other health benefits if they use this app correctly. It is not at all difficult to use, but it requires a commitment to achieve the highest possible results. Learn how to breathe, live, and meditate mindfully. The exercises help users relieve high amounts of stress through a variety of techniques. It can also provide tips and tricks that can help you achieve better sleep.


  • Free basic meditation course for those who have never meditated before.
  • Sleep sounds are offered to help lull users into a peaceful sleep.
  • Sleep meditation techniques are offered to improve the quality of sleep users get.
  • Multiple courses are offered to help improve the overall wellness of the user.
  • Guided meditations can help calm the mind of the user.


  • It is easy to use, and the guides are easy to follow.
  • Users can improve the quality of the sleep that they do get.
  • Notifications are sent throughout the day to remind users to breathe and relax.


  • The in-app purchases are expensive.
  • To move up in wellness, users need to make in-app purchases.


This app does not promise to provide any health benefits. It is a meditation guide. It does not replace a doctor.