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Heroes Never Die is the first action-packed and defense towers game for smartphones in the world. The game will escort you to a dark fantasy world. Your hero will stop invasions of zombies, conquer evil and ultimately wipe out the darkness. In this game, you will battle against thousands of monsters to stop them from arriving teleport portals. Certainly, you can use your wits to set towers and traps that will help you a lot to exterminate those monsters. The ultimate edition consist of normal mode for seeing maps, unlimited mode for leveling up and boss mode for fighting against the new evils. Due to its overall mixture of trap systems, equipment, skills and heroes, this game will be on the top best games to play.


Heroes Never Die is an action-packed 3D Tower Defense game. In this game, you will need to combat against millions of monsters along with your hero and prevent them from reaching the teleport. In this thrilling game, you will have to revive in one of the 3 main heroes of the standard group – the magichka, archer and barbarian warrior. Heroes Never Die is a combination of RPG and tower defense, where different from several projects, the hero is not an extra entity to the several defensive system.

Without knowing the plot entry, you can easily presume that the realm was attacked by monsters. Their primary goal is the quick movement into the region through magical portals. There are 48 levels and players will need to impede with enemy plans.


  • Constellation Tower Series – Sagittarius Tower and Scorpio Tower
  • Gather and upgrade armors and weapons
  • Three heroes, each with exceptional talents and skills
  • Use traps and towers for making your exclusive defense line
  • Best amalgamation of tower defense games and action role-playing.


  • RPG character progression
  • Intense gaming action
  • Loads of trap strategies to fight against the enemies
  • Great sound effects and graphics


  • Needed more content
  • New modes, new heroes, new skills, new monsters, as well as new maps are required to keep the game interesting