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Playing car racing games on the mobile screen is appealing. Hess Racer is one of the games, where you will find unique features and a different type of settings. The size of the Hess Racer APK file is 27.12 MB. Thus, make sure that your mobile has this space for installing the app.


Hess Racer differs from the standard race game in the mobile platforms. You will get a chance of learning a great route in this gameplay. You have to drive your car through various streets in the city. You can find mountains and countryside while driving the car. You have to deal with the traffic, found on the road. You have to apply your skill for a clear and perfect car driving. This helps in avoiding the damage to the vehicle.

You may choose NASCAR racecars to enjoy the game. There are also trucks, having very wide rear tires.

You can introduce yourself to the bustling atmosphere of the city. Try to drive your car slowly, and this will prevent the chance of collision. While you are driving the large vehicles or four-wheeler, you have to focus on the traffic signs. However, there is no patrol or guard.

As one of the drivers, you will never want to cause any problem. Thus, the game will test out your patience. You have to obey all the traffic rules to drive the car. Your unrest or conflict can cause a loss.

In some cases, you need to overtake the cars, moving slowly. However, make sure that you don’t collide with them seriously. Maintenance of the vehicles is must, and this will save them from the collisions. You can find classic gas stations on the road. While moving your car, you will find various terrains, like plains and deserts. Thus, drive your vehicles rightly to win the game.


  • The presence of different types of vehicles.
  • The screen shows your scores in the game.
  • Find various icons, related to the automotive industry.


  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Good gameplay.
  • Different types of


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