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Clash of Clans

Steps to download Clash of Clans

  • You can download Clash of Clans for free from Google Play Store. Open your Play Store app and type for Clash of Clans. You will get the game listed on the top.
  • Select and open the result and you can see an “Install” icon. Select it and you will be getting a window that says the game would access your Wi-Fi connection details, pictures, media files, as well as information connected to make in-app purchases. Once you accept that the download would begin.
  • The game is around 59 MB, so it would take some time to complete the process of downloading and installation.


  • Once installed everything would get loaded and you will be able to see the main interface of the game. You will be able to see a village clearing with some trees, houses and random settlements. You will be able to read popup commentaries from game characters and this would tell you how to begin with the game. A village girl would urge you to set up troops and cannons for protecting the village against goblin attack.
  • On the top left corner you will be able to see an option called Sign in. Above that you will get another option “Already have a village”. Since you are a new player you need to sign in with a new profile name. Your role in Clash of Clans is of a chieftain of a village.

Once you are done with the village setup you are ready to begin with your strategic combat. So this was the basic set up you have to follow to start with the game. To know about the features and gameplay of this absolutely entertaining game. You can play this as a single player game when you are offline. However, to get periodic updates, instructions and rewards you need to have an internet connection.  The game is much more interesting when you are playing against another player or clan.


  • The game falls under combat genre, but it involves lots of strategic planning and organizing skills.
  • The interface is very colorful as it all happens in a forest clearing or a village. There are small houses and buildings that are engaged in various manufacturing and storing activities. So graphically it is very attractive.
  • There are lots of in-app purchase options available for the player which allows them to buy game currency like gems by paying online. But if a player does not wish to make any purchase he or she can lock that option using a password protection system. This is a great option to avoid getting prompts for making in-app purchases every now and then.
  • The game has a chat room feature which allows players to converse with another player or clan members who are online. This global chat is a very interesting feature which allows the player to discuss game strategies and tips with other online players. You have the option of muting another player or registering a complaint in case of offensive approach from anyone.
  • The game has recently introduced a friendly challenge option. This would allow players to combat with members of his own clan without affecting the actual scores.

Knowing all the important features can help you in leveling up faster. The game also has a dedicated fan’s Wiki that can help you to learn more about the game. You can download it from Play store.


Clash of Clans is a free mobile game developed by popular gaming company Supercell. It was first released in the year 2012. The game works on both iOS and android platforms. It has features of multiplayer as well as single- player modes. It is a strategy based war game that has incorporated several gaming elements over the years.


  • The game gives you the job of preparing your village to face the attack of enemies. This could be a troop of goblins or it could be the army of another clan lead by other players.
  • As a player you need to assemble your troops and increase the storage of weapons like cannons, bombs, mortars, traps etc.
  • You need to fight with the opposite clan and defend the village.
  • You have options in the game to raise, upgrade and train armies made by wizards, archers, dragons, Barbarians and heroes.
  • You have the option to cast spells on your enemies with the help of elixir.
  • The four major valuables of the game are gold, gems, dark elixir and normal elixir.
  • Building storehouses and training camps is yet another strategy of the game. These buildings are necessary to store and manufacture weapons, train troops and create magic spells etc.