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Infinite Flight Simulator APK

About App

Now you can enjoy a full-featured flight simulator in your palms using Infinite Flight Simulator 18.05.0. It allows you to fly a number of aircraft, in many atmospheric conditions, in day and night and much more. It is really a comprehensive simulator with a wide range of possible configurations.


It has 32 aircraft that you can choose from to fly and test of which 17 are free and included in the .APK file. Similarly, you can choose from 13 regions comprising of thousands of kilometers for flying your aircraft. Of these 7 of them are for free. It shows you all major airports with their runways, taxiway layouts and more. You feel like inside the cockpit here.


You have the ILS, Autopilot Flight Simulator, and Logbook, Flight Planning, supports Altitude, Heading, Throttle, Vertical Speed, Advanced Replay System and more. These give you a front seat in actual aircraft.


  • Camera and replay system allows you to train yourself by monitoring your moves
  • There is even Autopilot in the simulator to monitor the moves automatically when you are bored
  • You can do time and weather conditions selection
  • You can also choose the weight and balance configurations in the Settings


It has sophisticated features and a lot of controls and settings that might take some time to grasp.


Use the introductory and takeoff flight lessons to learn to use the app, the simulator and also to learn to fly. This is for both newbies and for pros. This will make it easy to use, handle and enjoy the flight from one country to another.


Keep it on the SD card for saving space. Manually update it later.