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Engaging in rough and noisy fights in mobile games is thrilling. While you are looking for one of the magical action games, you may install Iron Blade APK. The uniqueness of this game is that you can find medieval Europe as the background of the gaming content. The players have to make the best effort for battling with the vampires. There are cold weapons that make the battle more joyful. Gameloft is the developer of Iron Blade.


The gameplay of Iron Blade is related to an arena, where you can find several soldiers. With the slashing and hacking action, you have to kill them for moving onto the sword fodder. For swinging your sword, you have to touch the right-hand side of your screen. You may also fire and change target.

While the enemies are taking steps against you, you have to tap the left-hand side of this gaming screen. You can find a unique icon of an incoming attack. When you have smashed the bad guys using your shield and found the deflecting blows, you will get a different feeling. You will feel that you are one of the brave knights of the medieval age.

You may also raid the bases of other players and steal their loot to create your defenses. While playing the game, you will get a chance of unlocking fresh characters.

To describe the gameplay, we can say that Iron Blade has offered something excellent and brilliant. In addition to the fighting activities, your primary focus is to increase the scores. You have to equip, forge, and upgrade your weaponry or armor for continuing the battle. You may not be able to reach higher levels without the right equipment. Thus, raise the sword, hunt for the monster and accomplish the goal of killing them.


  • Deep combat.
  • Upgrade monster-hunter gear for modifying your war and fighting style.
  • Find out various spells and skills of the foes.
  • Enjoy sword attacks during the gameplay.


  • Full of magic, war, and discord.
  • Fantasy game.
  • Console-quality graphics.


  • Targeting system could have been better.