Jio 4G Voice APK

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Jio 4G Voice APK

About App

The Jio 4G Voice APK has an App Rating: 4.1/5 on several major APK file hosting sites. This makes it a greatly appreciated application on smartphones. With the latest update received on the current version, 5.1.1 is running smooth and fine. It was released officially on Nov. 28, 2018, and the APK file is available right after that. You can easily find it under the Free Communications App at the Google Play Store. The current version supports platforms running Android 16 and above.


The Jio 4G Voice which was earlier known as JioJoin is officially developed and managed by Reliance Industries Ltd. This enables users to make high-quality HD calls to anyone anywhere in the world. The APK file is under 40 MB in size. It requires over two dozen permissions on your smartphone and, there are over a dozen different and previous version of APK files available directly for free.


  • The Jio 4G Voice APK allows you to manage and enable several great functionalities
  • It allows location sharing, group chats, file sharing options too like other IM apps


  • There is no Pro version and everything is included in the single app
  • There is a great tool called an ‘urgent call’ feature, it enables you to let the other person know that this is an important call
  • It allows real time during a call data sharing and sharing messages


  • The connectivity is limited to Jio Networks only
  • It works all across the globe with customization


You can enable the full Jio experience through this app.


  • The app size is over 40MB, so better use the .APK file and download it to your SD card
  • Enable “Unknown sources” or “Third-party sources” from under Android Settings, and install the app directly from the APK file