Kamen Rider Drive Henshin Belt APK

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Kamen Rider Drive Henshin Belt APK

About the app

The description of all new version of Kamen Rider Drive that comes as an Henshin Belt is quite in demand. People all over the world are downloading This fun game and showing their interest into it.

Description of the game

Kamen Rider Drive Henshin Belt Apk is a type of simulation game and hence it is interesting people of all ages groups. Players who are playing kamen rider Drive with the henshin belt are delighted with its complete features that are compatible for every user. The game is suitable for every such player who is looking forward for Dx simulation that has been offered from kamen rider Drive and this henshin belt.

Features associated with the app

So you can play the game of kamen rider and its Drive henshin with belt that will give you a strong simulation every time you play. A player can further share the game od Drive henshin belt among others who are looking fellow kamen and rider fans.


Those who are looking forward  to use Drive henshin belt application should know it’s hidden areas and pros :

  • You can click on the panel Drive to enjoy the game.
  • Make sure that you will select the shift to move the car.
  • Given Simulation Drive of the henshin belt will start as soon as you will press the start button
  • A player can  change to shift car, along with the repetition of step two.
  • You can tap on the shift car 3x in order to hear the sound of attack or a player can click on the panel Drive in order to hear the sound of final attack.


  • The application needs more updates in order to work well

Tips :

  • You can touch the icon to select among 180 ringtone given on panel
  • You can choose Drive henshin belt and the option to shift car to hear sound.

We hope you will have great experience here!!