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The latest version of the smartphone game King of Racing 2 is 1.0.7 and is suitable for Android 2.3 and up; it was released in 2015.


Race around the world for glory and money! Move up the ranks from novice to expert racer and explore a variety of countries in the process, including Brazil, Egypt, the USA, the Philippines, China, Vietnam, and Thailand.


  • Two racing modes: Careen and Quick Race.
  • Careen mode encompasses 8 seasons and over 120 races.
  • Quick Race has four game modes: Classic (race to finish first), Elimination (race to eliminate your competition), Time trial (time rule racing), and Checkpoints (race following the milestones).
  • Enjoy over 130 rounds and 22 cars designed to look like the actual vehicles from famous manufacturers.
  • Compare each vehicle in terms of acceleration, speed, handling, nitro, and of course, looks.
  • If you need to purchase additional items, such as an extra nitro tank, touch the screen.
  • Other options include doubling the nitro or rewards that you earn in each race, begin your races with a full nitro bar, or tune all your cars to enhance their performance.
  • You can buy a new car and upgrade or paint the vehicle that you already have.
  • Earn nitro and coins as you race.
  • Complete 50+ achievements and get the bonus.
  • Once you have completed a race, you can check the scoreboard and see where you stand against other drivers.
  • Additional stats to check out include your reward points, drift and fly duration, nitro and coins earned, obstacles destroyed, and for how long you have used your nitro.
  • You can change your Avatar and country flag as you wish.


  • Drive the best cars from the world’s best manufacturers.
  • Experience the real feeling of racing powerful sports cars.
  • Enjoy a total of 130+ rounds and over 22 cars to upgrade and customize.


  • Some players complain that the content and graphics of King of Racing 2 much resemble those of another game, called Asphalt 8.