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League of legends: Darkness APK

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League of legends: Darkness has been developed by Space Time studios. It has been designed for iOS and android mobile devices. Dark legend has cartoonish characters that make the game interesting. The game allows you to customize your character. Thus, you can have any character you want.


You will be playing as a vampire who has to destroy those who have killed your master. You still have to fight hordes of zombies. The game becomes challenging as you proceed.

League of legends: Darkness game has a tutorial which will inform you about the game. The game has nine campaigns have been laid out linearly. In each campaign, there are missions and missions can actions which you have to complete before you continue to the next block. You will only clear a campaign once you have cleared all the blocks. Each block has three actions and a mission. Completing the action will require you to take a lot of your energy and currency. You will have to wait for some period before you can get a reward.


You will get buffs which make the next mission a lot easier. As you proceed, you will be asked to wait for about 24 hours before you can proceed with the other campaign. The missions have levels and you have a task to kill a boss. You will only complete a mission once you have killed the boss. Each mission has a unique item which you can obtain. You can take the mission alone or with your friends to make it more enjoyable. The combat is action based and timing is vital in combat. Refilling your health will give you the chance to play for longer. You will get the skills when you level up. With increased skills, you will be able to perform better in the game and become a winner against your opponents.


  • Fair pricing
  • Fun missions
  • Good combat
  • Refreshing aesthetic


  • Limited end game
  • Timed actions
  • Linear progression