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Lineage 2 APK

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Lineage 2 Apk had a huge launch. The app has been developed by Enet marble. The developers went all out in marketing the game. Thus, everyone knew about the game through promotions. However, the main question is whether the game’s marketing meets its performance.


Lineage 2 Apk is a mobile adaptation that is a wonderful game. The other thing you have to do is to create your characters and then go into the game world. After accepting a quest, you will the character will run where to the direction of the orcs. You need to tap your device to complete the quest. It is also to collect the loot. The game will also require you to do skill management, inventory management and once you are down, you need to tap to go to the next quest. You will have to repeat the process.

The control is simple to use, you need to move around using the virtual joy stick and you can also use your abilities, you have to use a series of buttons. There are sensitive buttons which allows you to interact with things in the game world all over again. When your character grows, in power, you will get more special moves and get access to interesting things. The player versus player is very fun. You will be doing 1v1 battles with other characters of the same level as you. The game has a system of upgrading the equipment. You have to collect items and combine them to do many things which will make your character stronger. Going through the chapters, you will be able to access many things which you can do in the game. The game has different types of currency that you can use.


Lineage 2 game offers unreal engine and graphical options which you can turn on or off. It is available for free and you will enjoy very bit of lineage 2. All you have to do is just download the game and you will be on your way to have a fun filled game.


  • Simple controls
  • Quality graphics


  • Repetitive