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Minecraft Apk Award APK

About app

Minecraft Apk Award is a game that takes you on an adventure to a virtual world. To build anything anywhere, you have to place the building blocks using your imagination to see what is appropriate.  The file size depends on the device you are using. The app requires an android version of 4.2 or above. It has been developed by Momojang. The current version is


You can build your world with your friends or on your own. Make a weapon that you will use in defeating enemies. The game has two modes; the survival and the creative mode. In creative mode, you learn how to use the unlimited resources to your advantage. In the survival mode, you will have to craft weapons to protect yourself from the angry mobs.

Minecraft Apk Award is all about building your own world. You have to build a house that you will stay at night using the box. You need to make weapons that will help you fight the blood zombies. It is not creative game when you have to use your imagination to survive.

If you want to increase the fun you get from minecraft, you can play with your friends and family members, the game has a multiplayer mode that allows you to engage with your friends to survive in the virtual world.


With the minecraft apk, you will get unlimited premium skins, unlocked premium texture, unlimited breath, indestructible tools, and maximum score. If you love minecraft games, you should not hesitate to download the minecraft apk to have fun building this virtual world.

The sand and box game, you play on a cube with textured maps. You will be able to explore the world, synthesize items and collect resources. The survival mode allows you to maintain your life and collect resources to build your own world. The creation mode gives you unlimited resources and you can fly. You can play in the adventure mode, you play in a customized map by other players. You can add a variety of objects and characters to your game.


  • Customize weapons according to conditions
  • build using box or blocks


  • Does not need an internet connection