Moto Actions APK Download

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Moto Actions APK Download

About App

This particular app includes a suite of sensor based actions for compatible Motorola devices that are based on Android OS. This app suite is available through Google Play and other reliable app download sites.


This app suite includes several solutions that make your Motorola Android phone sensitive to your movements. With simple gestures, certain tasks can be completed easily with this download. There are several Android OS versions that are compatible with this app suite; however, you might want to check your phone’s specifications before you download this particular app.


There are several; functionalities that this suite of application offers. Torch app on your phone can be turned on or off with chopping motions; twisting the wrist quickly and twice will help to open up the camera; fingerprint sensor can be used to navigate across the phone; lifting the phone can switch sound mode to vibration mode; placing the phone face down can help silence calls and notifications.


  • This software suite helps Motorola phone users get more out of their phone
  • Motorola phones become sensitive to movements and touches of users


Features available with this application suite might vary with the device you own.


In order to know whether this app suite would work with your device you need to open the suite and know version details before downloading the same.