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About App

This application helps unlock more potential in your Motorola phone. With this APK file installed on your compatible Android OS based Motorola phone, you can get different actions completed with simple gestures and motions.


Moto phones become more personalized and responsive after this application suite is installed. There are gesture and motion sensitive features that are unleashed by this APK file. The latest version, 3.0 works on certain Android-based phones like Moto X 2nd Gen., Moto X Pro DROID Turbo, Moto E 2nd Gen. and others based on Lollipop 5.1 and higher versions.


This particular Moto app suite can help change the way you use your phone, For instance, it can read out texts as you drive; two twists of the wrist can open up the camera; it can learn work and home locations and save sound modes accordingly. It can respond to the user’s voice or notify the user the important messages at a glance.  Other features include saving notification or sound modes depending on what you are doing. It can save movie theatre location and take on vibration or silent mode when you are at such a location. Exceptions can be set such as allowing the phone to ring when a favorite or important person calls.


  • This application suite can help users make their Motorola phones motion sensitive
  • Users can customize different features and functions on their phone


Features of the application would vary as per the Android OS that your device currently supports.


Before downloading the application suite a user should check the version details and features that would work on their Motorola device.