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Move App to SD Card APK

About App

This application offers automated solution to moving apps from your phone memory to an SD card. There are several associated handy functions that this app offers which help users to overcome the manual hassles of moving apps and ensuring that all file components are moved completely to an SD card.


This app offers several functions which help users to clear up clutter in their phone memory. That is tedious manual tasks become automated and completed in seconds with this application. The user interface of this application is easy to understand and steps are mentioned by which users can easily get the app moving tasks completed.


The APK file of this application, once installed in your Android phone, will help make moving apps an easy task to the SD card. The apps can be moved from one location to another. There is a sort function by which apps can be shortlisted by size, name and time. Users can also add on details such as APK path, package name and installation time. The other features included are searching for apps. It helps users to identify APKs by package and file name as well.


  • Apps can be moved from internal memory to SD card and vice versa
  • Descriptions can be added as per app location, path, installation time


The application can work on Android devices with OS 2.1 and higher.


If devices are rooted then multiple apps can be moved with a single click which can be useful and time saving.