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Many wish to convert audio or video files into music files and one application that can do so is the mp3 converter APK. This program acts as a tool and is a lightweight conversion application which can come of use to create mp3 file formats out of different audio or video files.


The application can be your one-touch option for converting different audio or video files into the mp3 format or it could help professionals make certain changes in the conversion aspects as well. The latest version is 1.1 and is of 8.78 MB which can easily be run on any Android phone.


Those who wish to specify different dimensions of the files they wish to convert can make changes in the output format accordingly. The frequency of output file can be changed along with channel, bitrate, time start, duration, and other factors. The user interface includes all such functions and more that can be easily checked and used. Besides mp3, audio files like Wav, Ac3, AAC, OGG, and WMA can be created with the application. Audio bitrate can be varied accordingly, from 24 kb/s to 192 or 256 kb/s. The conversion speed remains fast as well as one key feature for playing converted music file of mp3 format. The project is a licensed application by LGPL v2.1.


  • Easy conversion possible to mp3 and other audio file formats
  • Customization of different features include frequency, bit rate, duration, time start


It is designed to work on Android OS of certain versions.


This particular application works by ensuring that you allow third party applications to run on your Android device.