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The game Mutant Rumble falls under the category of arcade games. The latest version of the Mutant Rumble app is V1.4.14492, and it can be run only on Android 4.0 and above. For an action-packed game, Mutant Rumble is rated PEGI10 because it has little or no villain eliminating violent scenes and has a weight of 18.39 MB. The game has been developed, packaged and tested by Swappz and can be found on Google Play Store, Swappz website and some other third party app websites.


The game “Mutant Rumble” is an arcade game specially designed for Android. It is the perfect fighting game for Arcade Street fighting fanatics where ninjas are pitted against shinning and gleaming mechanical robots. The game aims to free the street from the grasp and stranglehold of these ‘evil’ robots. This game can be played on almost every Android enabled device because of its moderate user interface.


  • You can perform many special combo attacks to outrank certain enemies.
  • You need to collect the coins throughout the stage.
  • Teamwork is the key to success in the game.
  • The visual technology is entirely revolutionizing.
  • You can distract or even stun enemies with lightning, smoke grenades, and thunder.


  • Easy to operate, manipulate, download and send.
  • The game can run without glitches on low-end devices.
  • It is not memory consuming.
  • Extra-ordinary visuals.
  • The game offers a range of weapons to play with.


  • Cannot install on an external SD card.
  • The game does not support Cache startup.
  • It supports extremely limited graphic effects.

One out of four ninja turtles is selected to combat the mean and villainous mechanical robots in an arcade. The player swipes, slides, and presses to control the mutant ninja turtle and to defend the turtle and the city from the robots. There is an option of extra life which is available for free.


  • Avoid using extremely long swipes.
  • Avoid using multiple fingers when playing the game except on rare occasions.
  • Don’t be fussy about timing; take your time and focus on the opponent.
  • Enjoy the experience as it’s just a game.