Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing APK

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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing APK

About app

It is the official Naruto video game in which you make your individual team of fighter ninjas to fight beside loads of enemies. These foes can be restricted either by other players or by the AI. This gaming app is original and stands out from all the other games. Players can easily move their characters around the location so that when they are near to an opponent, they attack. Also, if there is a friend, then you can also attack together.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing Apk is best gaming application for anime lovers, because it follows the original tale of the series. Players can simply go to the Konoha or hire popular characters like Itachi, Sakura Haruno, Kakashi Hatake, or Sasuke Uchiha. Amid the fights, players can tailor their team of ninjas, which has 6 members maximum. Usually, in this genre of game, players can level up and enhance all the characters, with the use of all kinds of objects and relics from the series.


Battle with loads of foes and end the missions with the use of latest Shinobi Formation Battle system. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing Apk system is a tactical RPG fighting system that sets free exhilarating grouping attacks with your partners. Master team ground skills, find new ninjutsu and develop into the next Hokage in this exciting mobile game!


  • Fight with your foes with Your Ninja Team!
  • Mission-Mode is dependent on original anime tale!
  • Powerful attacks and ninja skills
  • Fight Ninjas from across the globe in this online multiplayer game
  • Latest games in monthly Phantom Castle occasions
  • Improve the characters and level up in the leaderboards
  • Enjoy game in critical multiplayer matches
  • Follow the escapade of Naruto and his allies
  • Turn-based game with fascinating characters


  • Amazing graphics
  • Interesting gameplay


  • Boring enough
  • Hard to enhance the level


  • Cleverly use field skills
  • Join a upturn type character into your group
  • Check the attack range of each character
  • Know the Elements


  • See your timers, skills, and positioning
  • Try multiplayer for hard levels!
  • Add as many allies as you can!
  • Build a fair team!