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Package Installer APK

About app

Package Installer Apk is an application that is available for free. It falls under the phone tools category and it is a simple tool for installing apk. The package installer is light weight tool that you can use to install android apk from your android tablet. The only thing you have to do is just copy then paste it as it is in on the apk extension. The software has been written in java requires that you install you to install a latest version of JDK. The application is licensed under freeware in the mobile phone tools.


Package Installer Apk managers the API application and you can install or uninstall and upgrade the application. Installing application is an android application son android device. All you have to do is just to search requires application on Google store.

Select the application you want and then install it. At times, you may not get the application on the play store for reasons of compatibility and availability. If your device, has such a scenario, you can download and install the application apk manually. The apk file is the same as excel file where you have to copy to to the device. Having an apk installer app will help you t do so easily. It is one of the best apk installer is the package installer. It is a safe application that you can get easily on play store.


The latest version for the application is 2.0.0. The application has been developed by Rachdi Ibbnnaouen. It offers you the ability to upgrade and remove applications on your device. It also support apps package as multiple apks or single apk. The latest version of the game is 2.7.5. Package installer is a running apps from your smartphone. You do not have to miss out on getting your favourite application when you can use the package installer to have it.

  • Install and delete application from SD card
  • Support batch mode to install and delete multiple apk
  • Get full application information
  • Search application by name


  • Easy to install


  • Tough to use