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In the game, you will take control of a prehistoric park. You have to build rides and try to make sure that punters are happy. You also have the ability to hire and fire employees. Play with your friends and collect achievements in the prehistoric park.

There are many games that that require that you create something. In Prehistoric Park, you will have fun building a park. The game takes you back in time and you will be the first person to build a cool park during the prehistoric times.


Prehistoric Park is a game that has aplenty to offer to those love building things. You will be in control of a theme park that has been set in the 50,000 BC. There are many rides you can create that the cave person would really love. There are lot of things that you will do in the game.

You have a task to give the cave people a place where they can have fun. The game has a tutorial that will show you how to get started. The tutorial will be of great help especially if ti is your first time playing the game. You will notice a few things when building your park on the top left of your screen, you will see the happiness in percentage. You will see the number of people in the park. On the top right of your screen, how many silver and gold coins you have. The paths are important in the game because they channel you customers around your park


Whenever you add something to the park, you will get an XP which you can use in levelling up. The more you level up, the more goodies you can unlock for your theme park. You will unlock achievements as you move along in the game. You can share your achievements to Facebook and Twitter. Go on ahead and have fun building an amazing theme park to make the cave people happy and entertain you in the process.


  • A lot of rides to make a great park
  • It is easy and fun to build parks
  • Wide array of sound effects


  • Takes a long time to complete the buildings