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If you love RPG game, you should not search any more, Preta: begins of fallen, is an action RPG game that offers you an amazing RPG experience. The game needs an minimum software requirements of android 4.0 or higher. Preta: begins of fallen has been developed by Nexon.


In Preta: Begins of fallen, you will be doing a lot of fighting so be ready for the action. You will help the hero to fight powerful monsters. The monsters will be hiding in the dark dungeons. Be prepare to go into those dark places in order to look for your enemies. The world has been plunged into chaos. You have to do your best to defeat the enemies who have destroyed the world.

The world is being ruled by terrible demons and evil gods. You have to destroy the evil to restore peace to the world. There are three characters for you to choose. All the characters have unique fighting styles, weapons and unique skills. You will be fighting powerful monsters and use combos to defeat the enemies. You can develop the skills of your favorite hero. The game has elementals that will help you in the battle.


Preta: Begins of fallen is an action role player game that requires you to fight to save the world. You can enjoy the thrilling action from your android smartphone when you are bored. You will feel adrenaline rush through your veins. The developer has put in a lot of the effort to ensure age an exciting game. You can enjoy playing the game on your phone as many times as you like. The game does not have any limits. You can use the spectacular skills and unique combos to inflict massive damage. Enjoy the special mode, defense mode and raid mode. You need to find elementals that will help you in the battles. Be ready to have fun in the action packed game. It has created a new action RPG experience for mobile phone games.


  • 3 classes
  • RPG action with no limits
  • 12 unique skills
  • Character progression
  • 3 game modes


  • Average graphics
  • Simple controls
  • Normal visuals