Quick Heal Apk

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Quick Heal Apk


Quick Heal Apk Mobile Security which is not only use to keep your device safe from virus but also keep your device secure from data theft. It has improved the filter of calls and SMS that allows you to block unknown numbers and numbers that start and end with a certain series. His personal security function helps him in times of emergency by alerting his friends.


The Quick Heal Apk notifies you about the applications that may affect your privacy and guides you on the settings that can improve the security of your device. In addition, you can manage your device through the Quick Heal Remote Device Management portal.


  • Scanning of the device includes multiple scanning options.
  • Anti Theft system of this application helps to avoid your device from being make use in wrong way by allowing remote blocking and data removal. The mobile anti-theft tracking feature also helps you track your device in case of loss or theft.
  • The call and message filter allows you to block unwanted calls and SMS. You can also use it to block numbers that start or end with a particular series. In addition to these, you can also prevent unknown international numbers from reaching you. In addition, you can also block SMS from non-numeric senders.


  • Help to keep your Android safe from all external viruses.
  • This application is responsible for the complete security of device.


  • Limited excess
  • It is not the most effective antivirus solution.