Real Digital Scale Pro APK

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Real Digital Scale Pro APK

About App

The Real Digital Scale Pro app lets you estimate weight with the help of your Android smartphone or tablet. Its latest version is 1.2, and it can be installed on Android smartphones running on Android 1.2 or higher. Currently cannot be found on the Play Store, but only on its creator’s website and some third-party app hosting sites. Before installing it, its necessary to check the install from unknown sources box. Otherwise, there is no way to install it.


The app is a weight estimate simulator that works only with smaller object weights. Small things that weigh only a couple of grams. The app is notoriously easy to use. Just put something small on the main screen and let the magic happen. Only a moment later you will get an estimate about the weight of the object. Just don’t put too heavy stuff and stuff whose size is way greater than the screen. Also, don’t place objects that can potentially scratch the screen.


  • Runs smoothly on all devices, smartphones and tablets alike.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Minimalistic interface.


  • Has better rating than all of its competitors.
  • Runs smoothly on all Android-based smartphones and tablets. Even on low-performance phones.
  • Free to download.
  • Doesn’t take a heavy a toll on the battery.


  • Bugs are no stranger to this app.
  • In-app ads that can take a big part of the home screen.
  • Sometimes the measurements are not as accurate as expected.